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International strike action day– Friday 11/11/11

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I Thing its time we the people stood up and March on our banks demanding these Fat-Cat bankers sort out the mess THEY caused, For nearly three years these fat-cat bankers have being getting bailout after bailout, Yet we are still in the same mess as 2008/9, I am calling on all the peoples of the European union to march on your local banking head office on Friday 11/11/11 TO Demand these bankers stop the Corruption within their banks, I am calling on all Trade Unions to back the people in calling for a one-day International strike against the CORRUPTION within the banks, A International Day of action against the government’s of ”your” own country Demanding that they put an end to the corruption within their own departments ;
Demand an end to the cut to the lives of millions of people who have nothing to do with the corruption of the builders and bankers, Demand to the cut’s being made to the health services -schools etc, So these Fat-Cat bankers can live the high life while the people suffer, Time for action not words ; Time for action is on Friday 11 / 11 / 11
I Am calling on the people of France / Germany / Spain/ Ireland/ u.k/ and Italy stand up and demand government action against these bankers, So far to date the i.m.f/e.u/e.c.b have being pulling the strings telling everybody what to do or say, While their friend within the banks have being ripping the Tax-payer off and lying their OWN pockets
Do u want to waken up in the morning under the hands of faceless people who will control you every move or do you want to waking up in the morning knowing that Today will be better then yesterday, Stand up for your rights.
The right to live without fear of losing your home-job-family
all because of the greed of bankers
Remember 11 / 11 / 11 is your day Demand an end to corruption within the banks / within your own government and most of all Demand an end to Corruption inside the E.U

Philip j Carroll
e.e.a.g member [ire]

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